About Pro Rider Entertainment

   Pro Rider Entertainment is the home of the Pro Riders, Rappers and Rockers. It was founded by Pro Skateboarder and Rap Artist Chris Gentry in 2011. The company strives to bring you quality action sports entertainment and products certified by the Pro Riders.  

   Like country music is to the rodeo, rock and rap is to the Pro Riders, who share their riding talents to a musical background. Protivation we like to call it.  Music and Sports is the foundation of the new Generation R, The Riders, Rappers & Rockers, so come join the Party In The Parkin Lot with Pro Rider Entertainment as we ride on... The Ridalution Has Begun! 

   Thanks for joining our Pro Rider Community and we hope to see you real soon in a city near you. Ridaz Gotta Ride! 


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